1.Stop resisting -VIXX
2.Dream girl -SHINee
3.으르릉(Growl) -EXO
4.My Immortal -Evanescence
6.Ambivalence love -moumoon
7.Volume up -4Minute
8.POPIPO -Hatsune Miku
9.Alejandro -lady Gaga
10.Punch -BAP
11.Drunken Shrimp -lim kim
12.OH! -SNSD
13.0330 -UKiss
14.Follow me -2NE1
16.Please don’t -K.Will
17.Troublemaker -Troublemaker
18.Mottai Nightland -Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
19.Back to the memories -Jang Woo Hyuk
20.Shout out -SHINee

The songs she (CL) composed are absolutely amazing.

When I first heard Crush, I thought, ‘What is this?’ but the more I listened, the more I was reminded of I’m the Best. CL feels pressured, but the rest of us think that the song is really unique and awesome.

I didn’t expect the song to come out this great. It makes me stand out as a vocal, and I really love CL the songwriter.

PARK BOM (via xxxbaddestkitty)

1. As of right now,Cute by Byul
3.I cant choose a favorite,but VIXX.
4.Soul Eater (Anime) (Finished it a while ago,but still my favorite show)
5. The Wolf boy
8.Green tea
9.Final Fantasy XIII

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